Brandon Rogers: The Verber Dental Group’s Unmatched Individuality

Hi I’m Brandon Rogers, Chief Financial Officer of the Verber Dental Group. I think you could talk a lot about even walking into a Verber Dental Group location/affiliate and just how you’d feel something different. The first time I walked into Rother Dental it felt very much like my speed, with the concierge-type model, but I think with Verber Dental Group, what makes it different is that you don’t go to any one location and have the same feel. They all have different feels and that is a respective, very intentional, response from each managing partner at that particular location. So I think what makes Verber Dental wonderful is that they get the unique opportunity to make it their brand. So with Verber Dental Group, we’re just facilitating those people to do what they do well. Go into dentistry, build your team and me being in this admin capacity, we are going to empower you to do more. That’s our job that’s us doing it well and so I think for Verber, with all the advancements in dentistry, the skys the limit. I’m really excited too since we have such a myriad of different personalities within the partnership structure. I think the only thing stopping us from moving forward in a massive way is ourselves and we’re too excited to let that be anything.  

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