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Extraordinary Today… Better Tomorrow

The Verber Dental Group partnership model is comprised of 12 (and growing) distinct practices working together to leverage economies of scale, technologies, expertise, and other resources. While we share a core mission and brand, each practice has its own distinct style and is named after and run by a managing partner.The partners’ ownership carries through all practices so that teamwork is fostered among doctors.

Join Our Team!

The Verber Dental Group is always looking to add new team members who are excited to provide extraordinary care to our patients.

Our team of dental professionals and all of our staff hold our standards of care and the patient experience to a higher level so we can ensure that everyone receives the care they deserve.

To learn more about the area and view all of our current opportunities, follow the link below…


” We’re really proud of the extraordinary work we do. But we define ourselves by what we can’t do and where we fall short and this was an obvious place where we weren’t doing what we needed to do. ”

– Dr. Michael Verber, CEO 

Stories like Mac’s are the reason why we aspire to continually improve.

Life In Central PA

South Central Pennsylvania is an incredible and lovely place to call home and begin an exciting new career. The region is full of unique places to visit and offers plenty of places for recreation for your family with a huge variety of mountains, hiking trails, beautiful streams, lakes, and plenty for anyone that enjoys the outdoors.

In addition to the great outdoor space, the region offers many great local school districts to raise a family. Many rank in the top education ratings in the state!


Brand Promises

1. Relationships Come First. 
People are our bottom line, starting with our team and extending to everyone from patients to vendors.

2. Locally Owned By Caring Doctors. 
Our partners are first and foremost doctors who are in it for the long haul. Decisions will not be driven by corporate earnings reports or outside stockholder interest.

3. Problem Solvers. 
We understand that we treat the patient first and not the disease, and we strive to treat everyone as a unique individual. We also believe that every patient should have the opportunity to be treated with the most advanced and caring complete dentistry.

4. Details Matter. 
Whether it is the most advanced technology, the quality of our facilities, or the dentistry we provide, attention to detail matters.

5. Extraordinary Today… Better Tomorrow. We strive to exceed expectations every day with a commitment to perpetual learning and improvement.

6. Do It With A Smile.
Our patients are guests deserving our hospitality and comfort.

7. A Positive Force In The Community.
We do not forget our history of volunteerism and engagement. Our community has supported us for nearly 50 years and we intend to pay it forward.

Our Vision.
The Verber Dental vision is to continue to pioneer the Dental Health System model so that clinical economies of scale can benefit patients. A caring environment is maintained by 100% provider ownership.

Our Mission.
Our mission is comprised of three key elements. First, our goal is to take care of our team, to work together and support each other. By working together, we are able to achieve a positive and successful environment that fosters the best patient experience. Secondly, we strive to take extraordinary care of our patients by providing outstanding service to local families and individuals. This includes offering advanced treatment for the most complicated cases. Finally, we strive to be a positive force in the community not only through dentistry, but also through volunteerism, both individually and as a company.

Core Values.

To BE KIND to one another.

To EMPOWER each other.


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