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Brett Mays

Advancement of Dental Lab Technologies with Brett Mays

Hi, I’m Brett Mays. I’m the Lab Tech / Dental Implant Coordinator here at Verber Dental Group & Dental Lab. I’m a CDT Lab Technician Crown & Bridge.  How did you end up working in a dental lab? Brett Mays: Things kind of happen that you don’t expect them to happen. I had no intention of ever working at a dental lab. I didn’t even know what a dental lab was. I went to art school and I was taking…


Dr. Search

The VDG Mindset – Dr. Joseph Search

My name is Joseph Search, and I’m a dentist with the Verber Dental Group. I’ve been a dentist for about 10 years, out of school, now out of residency. I started mostly on the East Shore practicing and had some great relationships there. When I was looking to become a partner in the industry, I got a chance to meet with Dr. Verber and instantly I knew after talking to him our values and his vision for his group was…


Nathan Erway: The Verber Dental Group Difference

Hi, my name is Nathan Erway and I’m the Director of Business Operations for the Verber Dental Group. My favorite parts are the people, anywhere from the assistants who I know by name to the accounts and billing professionals to the front desk staff, the doctors themselves, everyone from the top down, bottom up, the people are what make the difference at the Verber Dental Group and what makes a difference for me coming to work. It’s just putting the…


Brandon Rogers: The Verber Dental Group’s Unmatched Individuality

Hi I’m Brandon Rogers, Chief Financial Officer of the Verber Dental Group. I think you could talk a lot about even walking into a Verber Dental Group location/affiliate and just how you’d feel something different. The first time I walked into Rother Dental it felt very much like my speed, with the concierge-type model, but I think with Verber Dental Group, what makes it different is that you don’t go to any one location and have the same feel. They…