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Verber Dental Group kicks off meal donations in the new year

The Verber Dental Group and Members 1st partnered up for Operation Restaurant Rescue, an initiative launched by Verber Dental to help local restaurants and community members in need. Verber Dental kicked off the donations in the new year on January 2nd, by purchasing meals from Spoon’s Cafe in Carlisle and donated them to a local shelter. Click HERE to watch the story from FOX 43 News! On Sunday, January 3rd more meals were picked up from Redd’s Smokehouse BBQ in…


Members 1st partners with Verber Dental Group to purchase and donate meals in Operation Restaurant Rescue

Members 1st is partnering with Verber Dental Group to purchase and donate meals in Operation Restaurant Rescue, an initiative to help local restaurants and community members in need. The Verber Dental Group originally launched the operation to purchase and donate 120 meals as financial hardships continue to rise across Central PA. Now with the help of Members 1st, even more meals will be donated to those in need.  “Verber Dental Group is grateful for partners like Members 1st to generously…


How we’re keeping you safe during your dental appointments

The Verber Dental Group has been providing the best dental care to patients in Central Pennsylvania since 1974 and though things may look a little different now compared to your last visit, we want to assure our community that everything we are doing is to keep you safe during your dental appointment. Some of the measures we’ve taken include: Arrival & Check-in procedures designed to keep you safe New sanitization methods that keep our facilities safe to visit Front-desk shields…


The impact of neglecting dental procedures and hygiene care due to the first COVID-19 shutdown - A Letter to the PA State Legislation

The impact of neglecting dental procedures and hygiene care due to the first COVID-19 shutdown

A Letter to the PA State Legislation Dear Mr./Mrs. Legislator, To begin, we want to offer our sincere gratitude for the work you are doing in our industry to keep our patients safe. We appreciate the tireless efforts you continue to put forth to support the health of our community. To that end, we are requesting on behalf of the Verber Dental Group that you consider, with all the capacities available to you, advocating against any interruption of services.  Specifically,…


Verber Dental Group - Central PA Dental Health System

The best business model always wins… even at the dentist

One of the more intriguing con­cepts found in finance texts is that of “the invisible hand:’ This metaphorical hand is an amalga­mation of unseen forces moving the free market economy. It is the purest form of market and business evolution in a capitalist society. As changing landscapes present new challenges, those that adapt, thrive. It is not only the basis of wealth creation; it is what compels businesses to fulfill the best interests of society. Pressure creates prog­ress, but sometimes…


Dental Questions on reopening after coronavirus in pennsylvania

PA Department of Health – Interpretations from Dr. Michael Verber

From Dr. Michael Verber: ***These are my personal interpretations of the guidance from the PA Department of Health. I am only trying to determine the legal bottom line that limits what can be done in the practice of dentistry as of May 8, 2020. My arguments are only based on what I interpret from the language in the document. I am not trying to interpret the intent. They are in no way representative of what I believe is best or…


Egg on Dental Articulator - Michael Verber, DMD

Egg on a Dental Articulator

The Dawson Academy has made light bulbs go off in the heads of dentists for decades. When Dr. Michael Verber first heard Pete Dawson’s Egg analogy from Dr. Leonard Hess, he felt inspired to film this video. With the help of Erickia Rynard and about 6 dozen eggs, he finally got it right. From the work of Dr. Pete Dawson we know that there are some criteria to a stable occlusion.  Number one, we want the joints to be in…


3D Mask Fitters

3D Printing Mask Fitters

We’d like to show you our new mask fitters that we’re currently 3D printing. The mask fitter was originally designed by a company named Bellus 3D and we are utilizing their design with our 3D printing and scanning technology to make and donate these mask fitters to our local community. The purpose of the mask fitter is create a comfortable way to better seal a mask to your face. The weak link of any mask that isn’t custom-fitted is the…


Dental 3D Printer

Community 3D Face Scanning Day

Our group held a scanning day at Verber Family Dentistry on Saturday using Bellus3D technology to get a digital 3D scan of the face to be able to produce 3D printed “mask fitter” from the Verber Dental Lab for our community. We’re happy to be able to provide more protection to everyone that could be at risk during these trying times! Please email us at if you’re interested in getting mask fitters, we would love to help out more individuals in the dental community, local…


Verber Dental Lab - 3D Mask Fitters in Central PA

3D Printed Mask Fitters – ABC27 Interview

Our group is able to create some incredible things with the state of the art technology we have in the Verber Dental Lab! Thank you to abc27 News and Aimee Lewis TV for featuring our “mask fitters” on the news last night. These custom made “mask fitters” are used to help secure non-custom fitted masks a little tighter to the face. With the help of the template & app from Bellus3D, we are able to create a 3D scan of the face and then use our…