Purpose: Supporting the educational aspirations of a deserving Cumberland Perry Area Career and Technical Center Alumnus wishing to enter the Charles Cohen and Rebecca Binder Program for Expanded Function Dental Assisting (EFDA) at Central Penn College.

Award: Recipients will be awarded $3,000 ($1,500 per term towards tuition, housing, lab fees, student fees, books, and/or supplies for a total of two terms).

Scholarship Criteria: Scholarships from the Fund shall be awarded to Central Penn College students based on the following criteria:

• Provide Letters of Recommendation from a representative of the Verber Family Foundation

• Enrollment in a Central Penn College Expanded Function Dental Assisting (EFDA) program named for Charles Cohen and Rebecca Binder.

• Must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0

• Graduation from the Cumberland Perry Area Career and Technical Center Dental Program

Selection process: Central Penn College’s scholarship selection committee shall determine award recipient(s) under the governance of the Foundation Board of Trustees. Award recipient name(s) shall be shared following award disbursement. The Selection Committee is committed to ensuring a fair and impartial selection process. If there are no eligible applicants the scholarship will not be awarded.