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3D Mask Fitters

3D Printing Mask Fitters

We’d like to show you our new mask fitters that we’re currently 3D printing. The mask fitter was originally designed by a company named Bellus 3D and we are utilizing their design with our 3D printing and scanning technology to make and donate these mask fitters to our local community. The purpose of the mask fitter is create a comfortable way to better seal a mask to your face. The weak link of any mask that isn’t custom-fitted is the…


Dental 3D Printer

Community 3D Face Scanning Day

Our group held a scanning day at Verber Family Dentistry on Saturday using Bellus3D technology to get a digital 3D scan of the face to be able to produce 3D printed “mask fitter” from the Verber Dental Lab for our community. We’re happy to be able to provide more protection to everyone that could be at risk during these trying times! Please email us at if you’re interested in getting mask fitters, we would love to help out more individuals in the dental community, local…


Verber Dental Lab - 3D Mask Fitters in Central PA

3D Printed Mask Fitters – ABC27 Interview

Our group is able to create some incredible things with the state of the art technology we have in the Verber Dental Lab! Thank you to abc27 News and Aimee Lewis TV for featuring our “mask fitters” on the news last night. These custom made “mask fitters” are used to help secure non-custom fitted masks a little tighter to the face. With the help of the template & app from Bellus3D, we are able to create a 3D scan of the face and then use our…


COVID-19 Dentists

How we’re implementing proper safety and teledentistry during COVID-19

The Verber Dental Group was featured on Local 21 CBS News, WHP Harrisburg with Brian Sheehan yesterday to discuss how we’re implementing teledentistry and proper safety/personal protective equipment when treating emergency patients. Our group’s number one goal is to help our community as they experience dental emergencies during this crisis while protecting their safety as well as our staff’s safety. We’re lucky to have an amazingly talented team of professionals that are working around the clock putting these pieces into place! Featured in the news clip:…