Since 1974, Verber Dental has been committed to the community. Now that we are the largest dental health system in South Central Pennsylvania, we feel a responsibility to set an example and do the right things.

In an effort to stay true to our mission of putting our team, patients, and community first, we are announcing that we will be voluntarily closing our offices to most procedures beginning tomorrow, Tuesday, March 17th.  This includes preventative visits. This applies to all of our offices in Camp Hill, Enola, Mechanicsburg, Etters, Lemoyne, and Carlisle including: Verber Family Dentistry, Rother Dental, Fox Dental, Capozzi Dental, Verber Advanced Dental Studio, Noll Family Dentistry, Alfano Oral Surgery, The Pennsylvania Center for Periodontics & The Dental Implant Center of Pennsylvania. The Verber Dental Lab, Verber Dental Group, Verber Advanced Dental Institute & Verber Dental Plan entities will continue to operate with team members working from home where possible.

Throughout the coming weeks we will have offices remain open to the community for dental emergencies.  We will rotate the facilitates that remain open for emergencies day by day so that there will be a microbe extinction time between patient hours. We will also have a Concierge drive-in dentist service so that you can call when you arrive in the parking lot and by-pass the waiting room. Our patients will be individually contacted to discuss appointments and reschedule. We are asking for patients to hold off from contacting us regarding cancellations in the next 24 hours to give us a chance to reach out to you.

We are not aware of any cases or exposures in our offices to COVID-19.  We have always gone above and beyond with infection control, including robust training at all staff meetings and regular onsite inspections. We are awaiting recommendations from the American Dental Association, the Pennsylvania Dental Association, the CDC, and government agencies to determine the length of closure.

We stand together with each other and the community.  Our bottom line at the Verber Dental Group will always be people. If there is anything we can do for you or the community, please do not hesitate to reach out.