We’d like to show you our new mask fitters that we’re currently 3D printing.

The mask fitter was originally designed by a company named Bellus 3D and we are utilizing their design with our 3D printing and scanning technology to make and donate these mask fitters to our local community.

The purpose of the mask fitter is create a comfortable way to better seal a mask to your face.

The weak link of any mask that isn’t custom-fitted is the gapping that occurs on the edges and sides. More so with the ear savers that you’re seeing many people printing and using right now.

These mask fitters are helpful whether you’re trying to prevent contaminants from coming out of the mask from or if you’re a front-line worker who is trying to prevent contagions from entering your airways.

While these do help to reduce airborne contaminates from spreading, these do not make the masks into N95 masks which is the gold standard with masks, but we understand that many in our community do not have N95 masks available or on-hand, including some healthcare workers. So these mask fitters are being created to help those who do not have access to higher-grade masks.

We also understand that there has been no research on mask fitters, and we give no guarantees on these devices and we know that it isn’t the ideal solution, but when our community and nation are currently experiencing a national emergency and shortage of proper N95 masks, but we do believe that these are a “next-best” thing to a properly fitted mask.