Hi, my name is Nathan Erway and I’m the Director of Business Operations for the Verber Dental Group. My favorite parts are the people, anywhere from the assistants who I know by name to the accounts and billing professionals to the front desk staff, the doctors themselves, everyone from the top-down, bottom-up, the people are what make the difference at the Verber Dental Group and what makes a difference for me coming to work. It’s just putting the patient always first is something that makes us different, makes our group different, and being able to have that economy of scale as well so that we make the patient experience as seamless and as easy as possible.

The doctors are an inspiration to our group. With the ability for them to work as one unit and to have clinical disagreements or have disagreements on how something is being run but really coming together, in the end, to make sure our vision of a dental health system and putting the patient first is always a priority. 

We like people with good attitudes and can work together in a team. We’re a big team-oriented organization that constantly is evolving, growing, and making sure we’re again putting the patients first and moving forward. 

The doctors are owners of this group so we’re not so much as pushing bottom line figures we’re pushing experiences and pushing what’s right for the patient, what’s right for the patient, what’s right for that staff, what’s right for our people, what’s right for the community and that’s something that is visited every day. Because on paper, it might seem like the right decision but if in the moment it doesn’t make sense we pivot we find ways to make it work and make sure we’re always putting those 3 core values of the patients, the team, and the community first.