What is iTero?

iTero intraoral scanners offer an excellent means for visualizing restorative dentistry treatments. The iTero is the gateway to a more streamlined and efficient practice, supporting diagnostic and treatment planning needs for patients — from Invisalign, crowns, and bridges to veneers, onlays, and more.

In this video EFDA, Adrienne explains how iTero is used for making Invisalign trays. She also explains other uses for the iTero.

How Does it Work?

The iTero is an innovative 3D computer-imaging technology used to digitally scan your teeth and provide a simulated outcome of your orthodontic treatment.

The iTero scanner digitally captures the structure of the teeth and gums using the latest optical technology. The scanner is a compact, hand-held wand. Once the scanning process begins, it can be stopped and started as many times as necessary.

Your mouth is scanned with a radiation-free laser, and in as little as a few minutes, the laser renders a digitally perfect, 3D impression of your teeth and soft tissue structures. Through digital software, you’ll then be able to follow the progress of the scans, including a 3D model of your teeth on the computer screen.

Video Transcript:

“Hi, my name is Adrienne, I work at Verber Family Dentistry. Today we have a patient interested in Invisalign so we’re going to show you how to use the iTero for an Invisalign scan. I’m gonna load you up into this prescription and we’re gonna get you scanned on both arches, upper and lower, and your bite. Once we’re done getting your scan we’ll be able to submit it to Invisalign and they’ll be able to pull up a simulation for you to see what your before and after estimation will look like.

So we’re going to scan your lower teeth here first. It might be a little bulky so if anything is uncomfortable let me know and we’ll try to adjust it the best we can. You’re just going to feel me move this camera over the top of your teeth.

Now we’re going to go ahead and scan the upper teeth. Now I’m going to have you just bite down, keep your teeth together, just stay closed.

Other ways we use the iTero is to scan teeth for whitening trays. It replaces the material where we don’t have to take the upper and lower arch and if it would not capture correctly we would have to take the impression over again. The iTero reduces that and if there are any errors we can just rescan the area instead of taking the whole impressions over again. We can also use iTero for crowns and implants where it would scan and be sent to our lab where they can digitally make a crown for you on a program and then it gets sent off to a milling company and sent back to us for shading. So everything we do on iTero is used in-house to help design whatever treatment you would be going for.

So now that your scans are done we’re going to go ahead and process it. You’ll see here it’s producing the models now to show you your simulation. It shows you a before and after and shows all slides of the mouth and both arches. So what we’ll do is talk to Invisalign directly through their site and they will take the models off of the iTero scan here and produce the Invisalign trays for you.”