In the video below, Dr. Jacqueline Caster explains her story and why she wants to make CVPD a comfortable environment.

“I want to get to know the families, I want to know not only about the child’s health history but what their likes are and what they don’t like. So we can do dentistry but I want the child to feel comfortable here.

I’m Dr. Jacqueline Caster, I’m working at Cumberland Valley Pediatric Dentistry in Camp Hill.

Being able to make a comfortable environment for them really resonates with me. I know myself I had different fears growing up going to the pediatrician for different immunizations and being able to overcome that so having an environment where a child or an older adolescent is more comfortable coming in and this is a positive environment for them that’s how I want to make it. I want to make it a positive environment, I want their parents or guardians to feel welcome as well, this is not just between the patient and it’s a full experience.

The parents know their child best so to me knowing what works, what doesn’t work, what’s worked in the past, anything like that, being able to know that moving forward with the appointment is very important for me.”