Tip #1: Keep your teeth looking as white as snow! Dr. Joshua Capozzi of Capozzi Dental shares some whitening tips to keep in mind this holiday season!

Dr. Jacqueline Caster at Cumberland Valley Pediatric Dentistry shares why you should limit your sweets and treats in Teeth Tip #2!

Don’t be on the naughty list this year! Listen to Dr. Kim Alfano from Verber Family Dentistry for tip #3 to keep you on the nice list!

Tip #4 is shared by Dr. Ryan Rother of Rother Dental. Consider the gift of dental health, check out all the great stocking stuffers you could get!

Tip #5 from Dr. Peter Alfano at Alfano Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery gives tips on how to avoid accidents since the weather outside is frightful!

Tip #6 is from Dr. Katelyn Hanner at Verber Family Dentistry. She explains how Santa comes once a year but you should see your dentist at leastttt once if not more than once a year! Check it out

For Tip #7 Dr. Becky Fox at Fox Dental reminds you that your teeth are not present-openers!

Tip #8 Stick to colorful lights, not drinks! Dr. Matthew Cambria at Verber Family Dentistry explains why you should leave the bright colors on your Christmas tree and not in your foods/beverages. Here’s why:

Dr. Noll and Dr. Caster at Noll Family Dentistry give us tip #9 and explain why you should wear a mouthguard whenever you play sports – or reindeer games this holiday season!

Tip #10 from our president of the Verber Dental Group, Dr. Robert Kolts explains how to stay on track with your dental hygiene even if you’re traveling to Grandma’s house for the holidays!

You never want to have bad breath but especially not during the holidays and all the mistletoe! Learn how to keep your breath kissable from Dr. Search of Search Dental in Tip #11

Last but not least, Tip #12 is shared by CEO, Dr. Michael Verber! He shares the best and worst parts of the holidays and how to keep your tummy jolly and prevent enamel erosion.