Watch Dr. Verber and Sterile Tech- Ethan Rivera, explain the career opportunities at The Verber Dental Group on ABC27’s Good Day PA.

At The Verber Dental Group, we are proud to have a team of friendly, energetic, and hard-working professionals. Our team is built on a solid foundation of respect, friendship, and cooperation among our staff members as well as with our patients.

What is the most rewarding thing about a career in dental?

There is a relationship that is often built between patients and dental professionals, they know that they can trust and rely on them for the best care.

Working in the dental industry involves both science and art. There is a lot of artistry in creating smiles for patients. Being able to give them a smile that they’ve always dreamed of is an extremely rewarding part of being a dental professional.

Having work that is as rewarding as working in the dental industry really gives purpose to waking up and going to work.

Preparing for a Career in the Dental Industry

Before pursuing any schooling it is a good idea to spend some time in the dental office to get an idea if it is something that you would enjoy as a career.

There are many different directions you can take for a career in the dental industry.

For example, administrative positions in the dental office like treatment coordinators and practice administrators manage the office and assist both patients and clinical staff.

Clinical positions can range from sterile technicians, hygienists, assistants, expanded function dental assistants, and of course dentists.

Most clinical positions do take at least some additional training or schooling in order to be certified. There are schools like Harrisburg Area Community College and York Technical Institute that offer programs, as well as some high school technical school programs.

How To Get a Job in the Dental Industry

Successful individuals in our team possess a positive disposition, professional attitude, a great smile, and a polished appearance. It is imperative to have the ability to think independently, to find solutions, and contribute to the advancement of the practice. Our team members have the drive to achieve new goals and go the extra mile to be extraordinary.

Even if we are not actively seeking a candidate for a specific position, we are always on the lookout for stars. Please apply online, or if you are interested in a position that is not listed, please drop by the office or submit your resume to